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Do you check out the latest gallery updates? If you don't, you may be missing out on some new images being added by a long time standing member to their gallery. Ms orientalpromise (OP) is always helping out fellow FE members. Her blogs are insightful and her intellect is obvious. If you like to get OP's perspective on this site and online dating, check out her blogs. Let me be the first to say, "thank you Ms OP for your words, thoughts and most of all your support here at FE". I'm proud that you will represent FE as our Ambassador.

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Harley123 Online now!

Good night everyone, I really miss the Philippines and can Hardly wait to get back there in June. It will be so nice to wake up next my little sweetie pie and to hear the roosters crowing out side. I just love it there so much and I miss my baby like crazy . I can hardly wait to see my new home i rented lol I have only seen pics lol but soon I will be there once more. this time for 3 months maybe ...Read more

Harley123 Online now!

Hi Everyone, It's been a while since i was last here on line. A lot has happened since my past posting lol I rent a 2 bedroom home in Tagum city and it's so nice. I've not been there so actually see it yet lol but My girl friend just loves it. She quit her job and I have told her to take a long rest. so looks like have a Home in mindanao now lol I will go see it in June.

Whats for dinner honey lol :-)

Good Morning Everyone.♡

Looking for a good woman that knows how to take care of a man and treat him good.

i just wanna praise GOD that he give me another year to fullfill my dreams and iwishing that the only thing im longing for myself could come true and more health to come for me..

mhay Online now!

am back how all the staff her hows the searching? try and try until you find the right one god luck guys..♥

Rain, rain go away. I want to see the blood moon today.

gelleserino Online now!

Be my man,and i am yours forever,,,
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  • Posted yesterday
I might be your man .......

bye for now..be back later...Good Night/Good Day everyone....
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  • Posted yesterday
Jeanz, Thank you very much for the lovely, lovely words about me. Here's my warm welcome to you and I just read your profile and you're a mother. Mothers embody what's best in womanhood, the willingness to live one's life for another human being. That's the essence of love and you have it.

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