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Happening Updates

Im so glad tomorrow is my Friday! i get the next day off from work. Smile
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sapphire Online now!

  • Posted 5 hours ago
time for you to relax.


  • Posted 4 hours ago
thank u for d link of d song sunshine... i like that too... (;

sapphire Online now!

Try to appreciate the things you have right now,before time eventually forces you to appreciate the things you once had.

I said yesterday.. That i'm going to write my 1st blog last night but i got busy with the household chores and with the kids and i got so so tired. Smile Today we're going to Imus Cavite to visit our relatives there. Have a good day FE FAMILY! Smile

hello to everyone...

sapphire Online now!

Everyone wants happiness,no one wants pain.But you can't have rainbow,without a rain.
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  • Posted 7 hours ago
Amen sister! That quote is a breath of fresh air to, never heard it. Smile

Only new here having a look.

Still Hoping for the right one

good evening Smile
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  • Posted 7 hours ago
Aww, you like MatisYahu to. I do love his song, Sunshine. Smile


  • Posted 7 hours ago

I'm thinking of doìng my 1st blog entry tonight. But i really don't know what i'm going to write about. Any suggestions? Smile Tongue Wink
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  • Posted 23 hours ago
write about whatever your heart feels like sharing to the FE community, you'll never go wrong with that.. all the best! Smile

sapphire Online now!

"I am fine"is the over-used and most believed LIE!
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  • Posted yesterday
Not always, here is an exception. Your fine! Smile

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To good for you

I think we all have times when we've felt that somethings were to good for us, or perhaps it was someone? I have been guilty of that more times that I care to admit, But the truth may not be what you thought, it could be what you Hoped, atleast if you still tried, if you don't try you surely will not get that job you wanted with the nice benefits, or it could be that lady you really like but think she is to pretty or maybe to good for you. It could be that college you really like or that business venture you want or a new client. Here is my point, we are who we are and … Read more leederj… Blog

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