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Filipina Dating in an Asian Dating World

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Am looking out for the right people. Good natured, humble, down to earth and above all, God fearing

I'm not lucky to find my love,but still i keep my profile here.Good luck for me!!lol
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  • Posted 15 hours ago
That's a good decision, inseparable, keeping your profile here. Good luck comes to those who wait and persevere.

sometimes we need to accept the fact that in a relationship there is bad times and good times but the worst thing is what if your partner never hold back and its easily letting go of everything for all that happens between the two of you. Especially the sweet memories you had with him/her. Is still okay to fight for it? Even you know the fact that he never wants you again and had no feelings with ...Read more

I did 9 sets of Jump Rope with 20 counts each set yesterday... I think i made a wrong move. Now my legs are hurting.. And I Feel like I'm an old woman.. Lol. Oh, well. #NOPAINNOGAIN

Hello guys How are you doing?

yeah sir curt thanksSmile
and also to people's who really
did encourage me,
love this site truly........
u have enlighten my mind
so that it can function well
at times........ hehehe
once again thank you guy'sSmile

You're walking meadows in my mind, making waves across my time, oh no, oh no.
*strange magic*

Good Vibes to everyone. Smile
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  • Posted 2 days ago
Great song! Long time fan of the band.

Smile thanks for ur kind words everyoneSmile
as what u did advice me.......
i already let him go,,,,
thanks for ur advicesSmile
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  • Posted 3 days ago
Probably wasn't easy Chie but the best times are ahead of you now.That's something to look forward to.


  • Posted 3 days ago
Chie just think it happens for a reason, don't feel bad and sad about it anymore :-) Just keep on thinking and hoping that there is someone in here or out here that much deserving of your love .. Stay happy and pretty always... Anyway thank you for the friend request..

Btw I'm single.... Tongue
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 3 days ago
mmm, so are a lot of these guys here! Smile

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