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Happy Sunday everyone.the rains had not stop pouring.though it is not that hard.a relief from too much heat?maybe.

Goodnight FE..Happy
See you again tomorrow..,Smile

@marie, yeah we thought we have big chances to make it to baguio but we had a hard time. we were stranded for two hours then..we decided to go home... what's up?
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  • Posted 12 hours ago
Good evening girl Smile I'm doing OK thanks Happy

good evening everyone
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  • Posted 13 hours ago
Good evening too Smile

cool kid...

and so...we are stranded! wrong timing ang roadtrip...
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  • Posted 13 hours ago
There is a typhoon that's why its raining hard.. Be safe..Smile

its raining hard...hope we won't get stranded

one of the most popular bands and the song as well during my high school days...

listening to this with a frappe...saturdate with mom and sis Smile

#coffee #bonding #SB #FE

love is not about when the heart beats faster or fastest....
but it's about when the heart beats no more and yet the love is still thereSmile

so guy's i have to go now
i wrote my blog already
enjoy it sweetheartsSmile

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The meaning of marriage as God ordained it

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