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Filipina Eyes is run by an East West couple who found love on an Asian Dating site. We are on the net to make Filipina Dating in an Asian Dating world FREE for all. While on your journey to find love, may I recommend you take your time while searching with an open heart and mind.

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Filipina Dating in an Asian Dating World

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looking for soul mate

Im so glad tomorrow is my Friday! i get the next day off from work. Smile
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  • Posted 12 hours ago
time for you to relax.


  • Posted 11 hours ago
thank u for d link of d song sunshine... i like that too... (;

Try to appreciate the things you have right now,before time eventually forces you to appreciate the things you once had.

RicaLyn Online now!

I said yesterday.. That i'm going to write my 1st blog last night but i got busy with the household chores and with the kids and i got so so tired. Smile Today we're going to Imus Cavite to visit our relatives there. Have a good day FE FAMILY! Smile

hello to everyone...

Everyone wants happiness,no one wants pain.But you can't have rainbow,without a rain.
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  • Posted 14 hours ago
Amen sister! That quote is a breath of fresh air to, never heard it. Smile

Only new here having a look.

Still Hoping for the right one

good evening Smile
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  • Posted 15 hours ago
Aww, you like MatisYahu to. I do love his song, Sunshine. Smile


  • Posted 15 hours ago

RicaLyn Online now!

I'm thinking of doìng my 1st blog entry tonight. But i really don't know what i'm going to write about. Any suggestions? Smile Tongue Wink
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  • Posted yesterday
write about whatever your heart feels like sharing to the FE community, you'll never go wrong with that.. all the best! Smile

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my thoughts for tonight

The old saying goes "there's no easy way to break somebody's heart"..... im just curious about some thing.... u met a person that interests u.... u talk, chat, even call each other over the phone or skype... but u feel like the initial attraction fades.... u feel like he or she isnt the one for u.... how do u break it to the other person??.... i'd been on the same scenario... i've been honest to the other person that i prefer for us to get to know each other first.... for d record, i havent dropped the three magic words along our many chats.... jst i feel like we … Read more sweet_m… Blog


It has been awhile since my last blog.... plus a promise of an update of what's been happening in my lil world... well, I cant make any excuse as to why and how come... best I can do is start doing... so here goes... So, I was re-reading my blogs on here a year ago and I felt that I have come a long way since then. I remember I was talking about relationships starting and blossoming. And it seems, I have learned a great deal about me and what kind of relationship I really want. I can say FE has helped me and taught me how to be matured enough to handle relationships. But… Read more lilmssu… Blog

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summer in my hometown

Friends are the link between ourselves and the road to happiness, without them w… Read more h_12345 Blog

Flesh and bone last only for a while

Flesh and bone last only for a while<br />The heart and soul lasts for ete… Read more jayjay1… Blog

a true you!

Outer beauty sometimes differ on inner beauty.. u may look good on outside that … Read more abegail Blog

true to you

Definitely i am here because of my purpose and reasons,,,as u know I am here jus… Read more liza198… Blog

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We added more profile features to the blogs left sidebar (look to the left of th… Read more dan Blog