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Had a great time with Lhiz yesterday Smile
Very happy to meet her in person Happy
  • Two Comments Allowed

orientalpromise Online now!

  • Posted 3 hours ago
Ay, tapos na? Ang bilis nyo namang dalawa, I was about to say I'd try to join u kasi sobrang lapit ng Trinoma sa akin. Anyway, good that you two enjoyed your meet-up. Smile

i have nothing to post! Orayt! Rock n Roll to the World..! ^_^

ATM: sundate with marie at trinoma Smile
  • Two Comments Allowed

Rica1961 Online now!

  • Posted 21 hours ago
Wow. Take care guys. Smile

  • Two Comments Allowed

orientalpromise Online now!

  • Posted 24 minutes ago
It's too risky to be giving out your phone number in public. Or worse, you may be suspected as a scammer.


Its better to wait long than marry WRONG !

-Brandon shanks
  • Two Comments Allowed

orientalpromise Online now!

  • Posted yesterday
So right, Thisisjanice. And you did it right, too. Smile

Rica1961 Online now!

They say, True love comes when you stop looking for it. So, should I stop and just wait?
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted yesterday
maybe...it comes when you least expect it. sometimes love can be elusive..by the way, i just started reading at first sight by nicholas sparks and i think its good... Smile haven't read the one by daniel steel but i'll try to read it when im done with nicholas sparks...

My week long vacation is quickly drawing to a close - it's back to work on Monday! Certainly enjoyed the time off, reading, relaxing, even going off to see a movie. Dread having to go back to work!

Im hoping to find the woman of my dreams on this site
  • Two Comments Allowed

Rica1961 Online now!

  • Posted yesterday
Well, goodluck with that Sir.

at first sight by nicholas sparks...

and marie, please push the sundate!!!please... Smile im overbored..haha

bye for now guys...
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 2 days ago
Hello girl good morning, have a good day Smile I will PM you tonight to confirm the date Happy Take care..

Rica1961 Online now!

  • Posted yesterday
i have book also. First sight by Danielle Steel. Is it good? The story of Sparks?

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