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Hello, everyone &Hello to all newbie,Happy searching to all....nice to see you in this site Filipina!!!!!
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orientalpromise Online now!

  • Posted 6 minutes ago
After Sept. 8, 2015, Wilma, puede na uli meet-up.. Medyo maluwag na sked at hopefully konti na lang worries. Regards, take care.

was i caught by surprise...when i look in his eyes, i saw me..

sorry guys, nagflood na naman ako dito..this is the last one...Tongue

can we just stop and talk awhile???

i miss doing this...

Hello FE and to all my fellow members Smile

Wow...... lots of newbies...
Good luck on your search and enjoy your stay Smile
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 4 hours ago
yup. you're right marie...lots of newbies Smile miss you and the chat and the flooding of the homepage with our updates .. Happy take care everyone and may all of you find what your heart desires!

quit day at home with my little man

Newbies, update, write and read blogs. Reach out, don't wait for them. They may not even know you exist if you don't make yourself noticed.
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  • Posted 8 hours ago
Well said Mr. Curt..Smile Take care..


  • Posted 4 hours ago
great advice for newbies curt Smile

Hope love will come my way and everything will be okay! xx
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 4 hours ago
love will come your way..in God's perfect time..have faith Smile and follow curt's advice up there Smile

Hi! Am new here!
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 8 hours ago
Hello welcome to FE Smile Enjoy your stay..

Hello!it's September.Christmas is approaching.and I will be another year older.hahaha.have nice time everyone..

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