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Happening Updates

I'm watching the story of an American Girl who fell in love with a Mangyan. So kilig! Smile Hi. FE! How are you guys?

I will love to start talking about positives of my character.

Now Watching Eat Bulaga's Foreignoy. Grabe! I am so amazed with these foreigners. They're so good at speaking Tagalog. And at singing our songs too. Good Job. Smile

Hello! Smile How's everyone here?

hi everybody..............how is everything

knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody... and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics..... (:

From One Direction to One Deduction LOL

1D pa more hahahahah
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted yesterday
Hahahahaha! Happy Nice one. Reziel_C!

'I remember the boy, but i don't remember the feelings anymore.'
- Lea Salonga

Matutulog na 'ko. Night!

the right man will love everything about u that d wrong man was intimidated by.... *smiles*

for a much needed feels.... rest day it is.... (:

here to make a new friend also need serious relationship that may lead to marriage
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 2 days ago
we can all be ur friends gefron.. (: good luck! And welcome to fe... (:


  • Posted yesterday
Welcome to FE. GoodLUCK Searching!

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First Date

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