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briankb Online now!

dont want to be alone any more

Why does it feels like the month of June!?!?!? Rainyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
  • Two Comments Allowed

RicaLyn Online now!

  • Posted 51 minutes ago
ou nga eh. Napaka echusera ni Queen parang ewan lang. Kung kelan magpapasko eh.

i want to meet someone that faithful in having a commitment

RicaLyn Online now!

Oh my! I'm still awake. Can't sleep. I want a hug! Give me one. Hahahaha JK! Goodnight FE FAMILY. Stay Safe.
  • Two Comments Allowed

sammitchell1961 Online now!

  • Posted 3 hours ago
I'll hug you!!! Smile

Must be mistaken it's Spratley Islands log. ;-D

Think totally different for one moment and ask for "Fratty Islands Captain story" if you like?

im still wait my lover as now whos like me n merried me

THAT feeling when a good looking gentleman makes a comment and says, "you're blooming!!" Wink #kilig #tawamuch #happy
  • Two Comments Allowed


  • Posted 18 hours ago
i dunna what's blooming... pwh... i want to post this.. obvious kinda crzay style ain't .. it shouldn't and japan is much more luckyer island...

RicaLyn Online now!

  • Posted 15 hours ago
Pepi, It means she's radiant, she looks pretty.. It's a nice compliment for us girls. Smile

What is the problem about my age ? Yeah ! Im too young but its not doesn't mean i dont know how to love, if i meet someone who truly love me here i would turn my world with him and love him with no ends Smile

God bless us! Smile

Hello there..am new here and I hope to meet someone here :-) kuddos....

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dear foreign guys.

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