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I wanted to say thank you for all the great memories and support over the years. Please give Jack your support and patience. For now, things will stay as is, but may change in the future. I may pop in and out to give a hand when needed but as time goes on I will totally disappear. I really don't have the words for this moment except to say that FE has been more than a website, but a friend. So many have touched my heart over the years that I could not begin to name them all. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for making FE a home for those looking for love or a friend. Be happy, keep smiling and I hope you all find the love you are looking for.

Your Friend Always
Dan (Chief)

Filipina Dating in an Asian Dating World

freeIf this is your first time here, relax, browse and make some friends. It is a great way to learn about different cultures. Many members meet and start out as Filipina Penpals and eventually it leads to something more. We are 100% FREE Asian Dating site -- as long as you respect other members and follow a few simple rules, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

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tomsoccer03 Online now!

been along time since ive been on here

Good evening FE and good morning to the other side of the world Smile

Be safe always everyone Smile

Thanks ms. lhizzie and ms. marie for the comment in my post. Hi erline nice to see you here again. Hello din po ate Janet (Orientalpromise)
Good luck everyone and god bless us all. (\^_^/)
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  • Posted 15 hours ago
Your welcome Ms. Choco Smile

hi there! john 3:16

Wow thank you so much!! For accepting me here!!
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  • Posted yesterday
Welcome and enjoy here in FE! Wink


  • Posted yesterday
Welcome and enjoy here in FE! Wink

Hello everybody Smile how y`all doing?

Stay positive, be happy and never give up Smile
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lhizzie22 Online now!

  • Posted yesterday
hi there...someone posted with a freakin status..but i guess he has been deleted or he has removed his post. ...have a nice day!


  • Posted yesterday
Have a nice day ahead Ms. Marie. (^_^)


have a nice day everyone Smile
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  • Posted 3 days ago
wishing you a pleasant day also! Smile


  • Posted yesterday
and also with you Ivy. Good luck. ^_^

Hello everyone how are you?
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  • Posted yesterday
Hi there. Welcome here at FE. Smile

lhizzie22 Online now!

say whuuuuuut?!!!?!anyways...good morning! happy monday!
#happyworldteachersday #FE #ansabenya
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  • Posted 2 days ago
What's the problem? Lol


  • Posted yesterday
happy Thursday noon Smile

I am back Wink
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  • Posted 2 days ago
Welcome back, angiegirl. I see you enrolled here way back in 2009. Why you left, I'm clueless but you're taking a chance again, I suppose. All the best, then.


  • Posted yesterday
Welcome back!!! Good luck to you. Smile

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jena loves who?

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Love yourself first

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i know he is there waiting for me...:)

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